Flumeri Promotions is a talent management company, and event coordinator, that specializes in the paranormal industry.

We have some of the best talent in the paranormal field and host events at some of the most haunted and historic sites in the US.

As well as hosting our own events, we're also able to book our talent for an event that you may be hosting.

For event updates and additional information please visit our Facebook page - link below.

Ray Savino 

Owner & Director

Flumeri Promotions LLC was created as a tribute to two of the three biggest loves in my life (my children are and always be my first loves) my father and the paranormal field. My father was born in Flumeri, Italy and has had a true rags to riches story. He taught me so much on how to take a passion and jump feet first into making your dream come true. So, when Daryl Marston from the show Ghost Hunters contacted me to be his talent manager, it was meant to be. So, I went with it feet first. As the founder of RTL PARANORMAL and close to 15 years in the paranormal field, I still feel like I have more to learn.....and more to give.